Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun screencap

Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun draws its Wakizashi Blades

Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun (天元突破モーショーグン Tengen Toppa Mōshōgun?, literally "Heaven-Piercing Mo-Shogun") is Makken's Tengen Toppa Gunmen, formed during the final battle with the Granzeboma in the second movie adaptation of the series, The Lights in the Sky are Stars. It is later lost when it is used with the other Tengen Toppa Gunmen to form Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun draws its designs from the Mo-Shogun and its Space Gunmen equivalent, Space Mo-Shogun. It is the eighth Tengen Toppa Gunmen to appear after the Granzeboma destroys Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun has its own Wakizashi Blades.

In The Lights in the Sky are StarsEdit

Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun saves Iraak's Tengen Toppa Einsaurus with its Wakizashi Blades while Zorthy's Tengen Toppa Sawzorthn saves Kid and his Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle. It makes room for Gimmy and Darry in their Tengen Toppa Grapearl, and later joins the rest of Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren in focusing fire on the Granzeboma before it is used with the other Tengen Toppa Gunmen to form Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


Chou Ginga - Galaxy Ougi (Super Galactic - Galaxy Secret Technique): Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun swings both wakizashis, and the blades break into many pieces to strike distant opponents. If one looks closely after Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun brandishes its wakizashis, one can see the blades flying apart into many pieces as they attack the Granzeboma.


  • In the fansub, the hyphen in Mo-Shogun was omitted, and the 's' uncapitalised: Tengen Toppa Moshogun.

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