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Jeeha Village

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Jeeha Village

The village square.

Jeeha is an underground village located relatively close to Littner Village. The people there had access to electricity and raised Pig-Moles for food. The chief is characterized as being as large as he is a jerk.

Notable Residents

  • Simon
  • Kamina (deceased)
  • Boota
  • Giha Village Chief
  • Kamina's Dad (deceased)
  • Simon's Mom and Dad (deceased)
  • Kamina's Mother (presumed deceased)


  • The word Jeeha must be a reference to the word 'digger' because of the variety of diggers or the last name of Simon.
  • Simon isn´t the only one who has the last name of the village. Yoko,Rossiu,Gimmy and Darry also has.Probably,the people of the underground villages, all has the same name.

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