Gurren detail

Gurren (グレン Guren?), was the Gunzar, a custom-class Gunmen piloted by a Beastmen commander before being revamped after its harsh day with the Jiha brother duo, the then "Team Gurren". After being supercharged with Simon's power, it forms the body of the titular mecha Gurren Lagann. It was initially piloted by the main character's brother, Kamina, then Rossiu, briefly Yoko, then Kinon, and finally, Viral.


After attacking Littner , the mech is captured, rebuilt, stylized by Leeron using salvaged parts from enemy Gunmen. It is subsequently named Gurren by its eventual pilot, Kamina, who had the Gunzar's original swords melted down into massive sunglasses similar to his own that can be detached and used as a blade or boomerang in combat.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being of typical Gunmen proportions, Gurren is able to fight tremendously without connection to Simon via the Lagann. While its individual power was initially not on the same level as more expirienced opponents, Kamina eventually became experienced enough to hold his own in battle against multiple foes. After Kamina's death, Gurren was mainly piloted by Rossiu and one-time pilot with Simon, Yoko, until the aftermath of the battle of Teppelin. Though it remained under Simon's control most of the time, it was briefly pilotted by Kinon , until Viral became the Gurren's official pilot during the battle against the Anti-Spirals.

While paired with Lagann, Gurren is able to, like the former, produce drills from virtually any part of its body, and use these drills to combine with other mechas such as Cytomander's Gunman bombers and Arc-Gurren, the former combination giving Gurren the ability to fly from that point on.

Etymology Edit

Gurren (紅蓮) means "Crimson Lotus". As homage to it, a white Gunzar unit is seen during the battle of Tepplin, sporting a pair of pistols rather than blades.


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