Earth is the home world of Spiral Beings known as humans. Earth inhabited a previous human civilization that thrived on Spiral Power and the Human genius, such as creating a human body in biological stasis, a self-replicating asexual food supply through the various animals that populated Earth, and humanoid warriors with the spliced genes of animals who could not emit Spiral Power. In the end, Humanity was suppressed by the Anti-Spirals, a group of alien beings bent on annihilating any, and all Spiral-life. The spiral and Anti-Spiral races began a war, and after years of endless bloodshed, a spiral warrior named Lordgenome was shown the truth of spiral power, the Spiral Nemesis, by the leader of the Anti-Spirals. After realizing this, Lordgenome compromised with the Anti-Spirals allowing Humankind to continue their existence as a small population allowed to survive within subterranean communities, abandoned his allies and fled back to Earth, commanding the armies of humanoid warriors now referred to as Beastmen to suppress humankind, and keep them from rising to the stars again.

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