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Full Name
Darry Adai
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Adai Village
Grapearl Squad Commander
Voice Actor
Mela Lee
Shizuka Ito

Darry Adai (ダリー・アダイ, Darī Adai?) is a girl from Adai Village, who used to be cared for by Rossiu Adai. She is Gimmy's twin sister and has a good bond with him.


Before Beastmen War Arc

Darry was born in Adai village with her twin brother, Gimmy. Their parents are never shown, most likely exiled, and they were orphaned.

Beastmen War Arc

Darry Teenager

Darry as a teenager

Darry and Gimmy appear when Team Gurren falls into Adai village. The two are picked to be sent to the surface, much to Rossiu's horror. When Rossiu goes with them, Team Gurren lets them join and Gimmy and Darry hang out in the back holder on Gurren during their travels. When Team Gurren heads out to take Dai-Gunzan, Darry and Gimmy cheer for Simon as he heads off. During the first season, they do very little but appear as comic relief and during the final battle of Tepplin, they wave to the victorious Gurren-Lagann.

Anti-Spiral War Arc

When Viral shoots at Gimmy during their battle, Darry saves him and joins up with Gimmy to take Viral down. The two arrest Viral and take him to jail. Later that night, a Mugann attacks and Gimmy and Darry try to stop it but have no luck. Simon arrives in Gurren-Lagann and defeats it, though it causes severe damage to the city. After Leeron comes up with new weapons to destroy the Mugann, Gimmy and Darry protect the city during the evacuation and help during the first space battle. When Team Dai-Gurren arrives and Arc Gurren-Lagann is formed, Simon lets Gimmy and Darry to take over the controls so he can stop the Chouginga Dai-Gurren. When the team goes in space to stop the anti- Spirals, Darry and Gimmy continue to fight. Darry is shot down by the Anti- Spiral wave, but Gimmy saves her. They are then attacked, but are saved by Jorgun and Balinbow at the cost of their own lives.



Gimmy and Darry, 20 years later

In the epilogue, she is seen alongside Gimmy, not only as commanders of the Grapearl squad, but as the new pilots of Gurren Lagann.



  • Darry's name is derived from the Japanese word hidari, meaning left.
  • In the original ADV English dub, Darry was supposed to be voiced by Hilary Haag.

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